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"Renewal Family Center gave me hope, healed my family and saved my son. I will forever be grateful for the RFC staff and community."


Our Mission

We are dedicated to bringing lifelong quality recovery to all families being lost to the ravages of addiction and mental health problems.  Forever focusing on quality improvement through attraction of the highest quality clinicians and utilizing proven effective methods and continuing key supportive services.

Our mission is to meet families in crisis with Mental Health and Substance Use issues and providing holistic bio-psycho-social- spiritual solutions that address the core issues essential to finding and maintaining lifetime meaningful recovery.

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We employ best practice methods, outcome driven quality assurance monitoring and offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to:


Comprehensive Assessment

One of the most critical first steps in “getting it right” is gathering all available information on our families’ members, current environments, and present circumstances. Our process is to meet and talk to each available member and gather not only basic demographics, but also individual perspectives and personal and family history. This primary step is essential to effective planning and ultimate success.


Marriage & Couples Counseling

Human relationships are constantly tested by multiple and ever-changing stressors.  Individuals in relationships have grown-up in families that have different values, traditions, and beliefs. No matter how well centered and balanced a person may be, the diversity of these intrinsic traits sometimes creates issues when they come together in a committed relationship. At RFC, our Family and Couples Specialists are highly experienced and well equipped to assist in working through problems and help in finding solutions to these complex issues.


At RFC we understand that one size does not fit all! Family Treatment consists of mutually agreed upon issues and goals for the family as a unit as well as for its individual members in both an independent individual and integrated family process. This approach facilitates primary inclusion into the larger context of the family plan as well as creating a more complete and holistic continuity of care.  


Medication Management & Medically Assisted Treatment

The process of getting well requires many tools. We believe in a holistic approach that offers a wide range of options including utilization of psychotropic medications, withdrawal assistance and access to Medically Assisted Treatment. Our professional access to experienced Family Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists are part of a treatment team approach to help our clients make informed choices in these important decisions and then continue to assist in ongoing management. 


Life Coaching & Mentoring

The stresses of modern world can cause confusion and anxiety for individuals at any stage of life.  “Failure to Launch” has become a national issue with our young adults struggling to reach independence. Unexpected life changes such as divorce, job loss, illness etc. may require life changes that leave individuals struggling for solutions. Our highly skilled Life Coaches can help with life processing at any age with compassionate planning, focused goal setting, personal accountability, mentoring and practical solutions.


Behavioral Health Case Management (BHCM)

Making behavioral healthcare decisions is confusing and stressful. Behavioral Health issues tend to be chronic in nature. Like medical issues such as diabetes and heart problems proper care consists of ongoing monitoring, multiple therapeutic interventions, medication management and changes in lifestyle. In addition, Behavioral Health care often includes ongoing and complex psycho-social factors including independent affordable housing, sober living, difficulty with steady employment and family issues. Proper Case Management is essential in helping individuals and families make needed decisions affordably and effectively and can save costly mistakes by utilizing least restrictive measures first and therefore safeguarding precious resources.

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Renewal Family Center is located on the historic riverfront site of the Kennebec Arsenal in Augusta, Maine.

Now Open for Telehealth Services

The appearance of Covid-19 has forever altered our world. Using remote site video/audio technology to safeguard lives is the wave of the future. At RFC we are proud to offer this option to our families. Its use saves time and money and has the added advantage of increasing our ability to help people over a wider geographic area. This helps cut down missed appointments due to transportation issues and when traveling on business or vacation. When family members live in different areas of the country, we can include them in our assessment process and group therapy where applicable. We utilize secure platforms that are HIPPA compliant and can be accessed on your home computer, tablet, or mobile phone.