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Effectively Treating All Families with Addiction & Mental Health Issues.

The Challenge

Behavioral Health Treatment Organizations most often treat the individuals in families rather than focusing on the entire family as a unit. This approach is both ubiquitous and significantly less effective.


Historically, Substance Use Treatment focused solely on treating the presenting patient and considering the all-important family dynamics as a side issue. In practice, this approach tends to divide families by further stigmatizing and isolating “The Addict." Focusing on the addicted member as the sole “problem” in the family, rather than recognizing and addressing the ever-present comprehensive family systems dynamics is at best, problematic and incomplete.

Clearly, genetic, and behavioral factors are the primary causal elements in the roots of the alcoholic’s/addict’s illness and not necessarily initially heavily influenced by family dynamics. However, the stressors that addiction and mental health issues create in the family system cause its individual members to assume well documented dysfunctional survival roles that unconsciously work to enable the illness to flourish. Despite best efforts made in treating the presenting patient, without family systems treatment eventual positive outcomes are often compromised or prolonged. The negative effects of these survival-oriented defense mechanisms on the family members can be long-term or even lifelong without the proper attention and treatment. When singular treatment for the addicted member is effective, it oftentimes leaves the family system in disarray and its individual members coping with related lifetime issues.

Our Solution

The Renewal Family Center has been established to focus directly on families by assessing the family group dynamics and creating a treatment plan that engages the entire family in a therapeutic process of holistic individual and family long-term recovery. While this approach is more intensive and challenging, outcomes are vastly improved and more holistic. 


We further specialize in assisting military and first responders and their families by addressing the unique core issues that these high stress situations create in these individuals and their families. Our mission is “To Leave No Family Behind” by offering the finest services and commitment to quality care.

Our Method

We treat families with the same kindness, respect, and care that we do with our own families. We employ best practice methods, outcome driven quality assurance monitoring and offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Goal Focused Individualized Treatment Planning

  • Behavioral Health Case Management

  • Life Coaching

  • Primary Care for In-Office Based Behavioral Health Clients

  • Marriage and Couples Counseling

  • Group Work

  • Individual Care

  • Medication Management and Medication Assisted Treatment Resources


Payment Forms include direct pay, sliding scale payment, and a limited scholarship program. In the near future, we will accept most forms of insurance. We also offer some free services such as Family Support Groups and in-house 12-step meeting space and a 24-hour family support line.